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How to sign code with a Microsoft Office and VBA Signing Digital ID?
Posted by SSL Admin on 11 March 2014 07:16 PM


  1. Open the document or template that contains the macros you want to sign
  2. Open Visual Basic Editor
  3. Select the VBA project you want to sign in the Project Explorer
  4. Click Tools > Digital Signature > Choose > Choose a Digital ID > OK
  5. Save your file

Note:  Symantec recommends to timestamp all code with the Microsoft Office and VBA Signing Digital ID.  As long as the code is not altered, this will ensure the code will continue to run after the certificate's expiration date.  For instructions how to setup the timestamp service, refer SO7000 

If you used a password to protect your private key, you will be asked for the password when saving your file.  If the password was lost or forgotten, a replacement certificate must be issued.  For replacement instructions, refer to  SO1737


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